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Folicure Hair Spray

Looking for a substitute to keep your hair scouring young and healthy? Try Folicure hair spray! This powerful spray helps to strengthen and add shine to your hair, extra drops of strength Folicure hair additives give your hair a look, Folicure hair spray is a first rate substitute to add a fresh and vibrant look to your hair.

Strengthens Fine Or Thinning Hair 10 Oz.
Fijador Extra Firme 7.6 Fl Oz
Flexible Hold  8 Oz
Style 7.6 Oz
Styling Fijador Fuller Thicker Hair
12oz Original - Full Control H2f


By Thicker Fuller Hair


Foli Gro Hair Spray

Gro hair spray is an unique, full-head hair spray that will give your hair the draper's daira 12 z treatment, this spray contains 12 flowers-hairsprays per bottle, so you can always have some on hand if you ever run out of your own. This spray is further great for thicker, fuller hair, making it a first-rate substitute for people with more than just a couple of hairsprays per game, this Folicure hair spray is top-of-the-line for long-lasting hair that is medium to deep hair. It can be used on itself or with a volumizing hair spray to get the look, it leaves a beautiful healthy shine and 12 oz. Is just the right amount to keep your hair scouring healthy and bright, it contains 7. Of calcium iodate and folic acid to keep your hair digging healthy and thick.